You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

~ Ansel Adams

Newborn Photography

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Recently I had a chance to photograph one of our newest grand babies.  Yes, we had two born about a week apart! Though I don’t usually photograph people, I am trying to do a better job of it, especially with my family.  Also, I’d like to have the opportunity in the future to photograph people within my landscapes.  What better way to practice than on your own family, right?

My friend Lisa Phillips is a portrait photographer at Wee Photos in North Bend, Oregon.  She offered to let me photograph granddaughter, Baby A with her help at her studio! I really enjoyed the session shooting with Lisa and gleaning from her expertise! It’s a lot of work to photograph infants but Baby A and momma did great!

Here are some of my favorite photos I shot that day.

Baby A - Baby Blue

Baby Blue

mother and child

Mom & Baby A

Baby A - Purple Bow

Baby A with Purple Bow


Baby A with White Flower

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Trips to Portland

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We were in Portland a few times the last couple of months.  One of our kids and her family lives there, so we try to get there as often as we can.  It makes it nice when I have a meeting, conference or photography trip planned and we can swing by to see the family too.

Though I have more photos to go through and haven’t had time, here are a couple of my favorite images I’ve processed so far.

View of Mt. Hood

Portland & Mt. Hood

Portland Skyline & Hawthorne Bridge

Classic Hawthorne

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Published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine

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Outdoor Photographer MagazineMy photo was one of the chosen assignment winnings to be featured in the March 2014 edition of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.  I had no idea it would make it to print. It was certainly a fun surprise! A few people received their copies in the mail and notified me of the sighting. I subscribe to the digital version and it had not yet become available at the time.  

I am honored my photo was chosen from the assignment.  It’s the dream of any photographer to see their photo in print and especially a magazine such as Outdoor Photographer.

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